on repeat: worship playlist

i love worship music. there's something about it that can calm a hectic morning, refocus a bad day, and put daily inconveniences into perspective. i'm constantly updating my playlist, which i'll link here on apple music, but wanted to share a couple of my current favorite songs.

  • "who You say I am" from hillsong worship - i first heard this song at a women's worship night last year, and it definitely came into my life at just the right moment. the lyrics proclaim the truth that we are children of God, and my favorite line is: "i am chosen, not forsaken/ i am who You say i am/ you are for me, not against me/ i am who You say i am"

  • "rescue" by lauren daigle - okay, this girl's voice is AMAZING! these lyrics have also been a great reminder when i feel far from God, and wrapped up in my own head: "I will send out an army to find you/ in the middle of the darkest night/ it's true, I will rescue you"

  • "so will i" by hillsong united - i love the pictures of nature and creation in these lyrics. my favorite line is: "if the wind goes where you send it, so will i/ if the rocks cry out in silence, so will i/ if the sum of all our praises still falls shy, then we'll sing again a hundred billion times" 

  • "old for new" by bethel music - this song was playing when spencer and i got baptized last year, and has been a theme that i have tried to keep centered in my life. "there's nothing that Your love won't do/ there's not a mountain faith can't move/ there's power in the blood, the power of the cross"

  • stand in your love” by bethel music - fear is something that i let control me more than i care to admit. the first time i heard this song, it spoke into a place in my life that i wasn’t letting God into. it’s super encouraging! “my fear doesn’t stand a chance when i stand in Your love”

what are your favorite worship songs? comment your playlists below and i'll follow them!


love, laura