Top 10 Amazon Dog Purchases

Okay, no shame here: I’m one of those embarrassing dog moms. I have a highlight on my Instagram completely devoted to pictures, boomerangs, and videos of my dog. I made her “pupcakes” for her birthday. Her bed might be more comfortable than mine. I don’t need an intervention I promise.

Spencer and I decided to not listen to either of our parents’ advice and get a puppy 6 months into marriage. Spencer wanted a big dog and I wanted a corgi. After lots of discussions we compromised and decided to research miniature Australian Shepherds. Because of our living situation, we don’t have a very big living space or backyard, so we wanted to make sure that our dog was small enough that he or she wouldn’t be uncomfortable or feel cooped up in our house. It rains a lot here in Oregon, so going to a park everyday isn’t always super practical. We found a breeder who we felt really good about, and asked if we could come see any available puppies. As it turned out, she had only one available and spoiler alert: SHE WAS ADORABLE. Within 2 minutes of meeting her, I knew she was going to be the perfect dog for us. She hasn’t been the most well behaved dog always (RIP to at least 5 pairs of my shoes she has chewed up), but she has been a wonderful addition to our little family.

Both of us grew up with dogs, so we knew the basic supplies we would need for Sooky, and have found some other favorites along the way. For reference, Sooky is about 20 pounds, so all of these products we feel work well for her- I can’t speak to how they would be for a bigger or smaller dog. This post also has affiliate links, which don’t cost you any extra but help fund this site!

  1. Collapsible dog bowls $5.98- Living in the Pacific Northwest, we spend a ton of time outside in the summer, hiking, going to the river, hanging out at friends’ houses or going to eat on a patio. These bowls are perfect for taking with us on adventures for quick food and water breaks. The clips on the bowls make traveling with them super easy, and they’re dishwasher safe!

  2. Nature’s Miracle Oatmeal Shampoo $6.29/32 oz- This shampoo smells amazing, and doesn’t seem to irritate Sooky’s skin at all. The bottle lasts us months, and does a great job getting Sooky clean!

  3. Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Spray $20.99/64 oz- Especially when she was a puppy, Sooky had (more than) a few accidents on the carpet upstairs in our house. This spray works the best to get the stain and smell out of the carpet, and definitely makes the most sense to get this refill price-wise!

  4. Chuckit! Rubber Balls $4.49/2 pack- These have been the best balls to play fetch with for Sooky because she chews on EVERYTHING! Our vet told us that tennis balls were eroding her gums when she chews on them, so we switched all of them over to these. Note this is an add on item, which means you have to spend at least $25 in the order to get this price.

  5. Dog Clip Seatbelts $7.99/2 pack- Whenever we take Sooky with us in the car, we try to make sure she’s safe, but she likes to roam around the car. We ordered these on a suggestion from a friend, and love them! They clip into the seatbelt holder, and then the other end clips to her harness. They’re adjustable, but keep her in the backseat and safe which I love.

  6. 6 Foot Rope Leash $11.99- We love the length of this leash for Sooky because with her harness, she doesn’t pull very hard, and it gives her a little bit more freedom than her previous leash which was 4 feet long. This leash has been super sturdy, and looks great for having it for almost a year. This leash also comes in 4 foot and 5 foot lengths if you’re looking for a shorter length!

  7. Deshedding Hair Brush $14.97- Growing up, my dog was hypoallergenic which means he didn’t shed, so when we got Sooky I knew I would have to adjust to a shedding dog. She doesn’t shed a ton, but I definitely notice a difference when we brush her regularly. This brush works better than a few others we’ve tried, and also has worked well for our roommate’s Sheeba who does shed quite a bit! (I would also recommend this automated vacuum if you’re looking for one, it’s worked great for us, and we don’t have to use our stand up vacuum more than once a week now)

  8. Comfort Control Harness $23.98- This has by far been the Amazon purchase we’ve been happiest with! It’s a super durable harness, we’ve had it for about a year and a half, and I don’t notice any signs of wear or tear on the harness. The size chart was perfect for us, and I love that it has 2 different places to clip the leash depending on what works best for you, plus the handle on the top of the harness works great for us since she’s so light if we need to pick her up.

  9. Sherpa Top Bed $34.77- Remember earlier when I said her bed is probably more comfortable than mine? It sure looks like it anyway! Long story short, Sooky has had a love-hate relationship with sleeping in her crate, but as soon as we got her this bed she loves going in there at night! The cover is removable so you can wash it, which I appreciate!

  10. Elevated Food and Water Bowl Set $19.99- After using Christmas bowls my mom got Sooky until May, Spencer found this set on Amazon, and it definitely matches our house year round better. We also invested in this mat for under the bowls in order to protect our floor from water drips.

There’s many more items that we use on a regular basis, but these have definitely been the most helpful! We love having a furry family member, and want to take care of her as best we can.


love, laura