Thankfulness Advent Calendar

As I was thinking through this holiday season, and what it would look like for my little family, I wanted to focus on the good in life, rather than getting bogged down with all of the hurt and pain around us. I started to brainstorm ways to intentionally focus on the good every day, and I had a very simple idea- an advent calendar. Except with this one, I don't get anything (like chocolate- I LOVE chocolate advent calendars!), instead I give away. I decided to create this advent calendar as a way to document the little things I'm grateful for all throughout this holiday season, and to have practical ideas of how I could bless others. It's amazing how quickly we switch from an attitude of thankfulness to an attitude of consumerism- myself included!

So here's how it works: if you click this link, you can download the free printable of the calendar. There are 24 cards in total that either prompt you and your family to document something they're thankful for that day, or contain a special blessing challenge. The challenges are not meant to be expensive or complicated, and can be inspirations if the specific challenges aren't a good fit for your family.

Print the cards, cut them out, and then decide how you want to display your calendar! I originally planned to string the cards up across our fireplace, but I was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest to create this ribbon tree for ours. It's in our kitchen where my husband and I will see it multiple times a day, and can be reminded to be intentional about gratefulness. 


Examples of the cards once they’re prepped


My Christmas tree set up for the cards

To make this set up, I used a 12 yard spool of ribbon and clothespins from Dollar Tree, painted the clothespins, used a bow off a present from last year to make the tree, and a cutout from a Trader Joe's bag made the perfect trunk! Overall, the most time consuming part was cutting out the cards- it definitely was under an hour total. 

My plan is to have the cards on the counter, and every morning Spencer and I will each write something we’re thankful for before hanging the card on the calendar. This way we begin our day with thanks, or can make a game plan to complete the challenge during the day.

I'm so excited to see the different forms this project takes, and hear from you how your family uses it. I'm planning on sharing more about our experience with it over on my Instagram, and would love to have yall tag me @xoxolovelauraand use the hashtag #thankfuladvent2018 so we can take this journey together. 


love, laura