Stitch Fix Review- Winter 2018

10/18/18 UPDATE! Stitch Fix has now added a new feature which allows you to rate items every week or so in order to tailor your box more specifically to styles you want. Basically, it's like tinder but with clothes!

I ordered a box recently, and liked almost everything in the box! I definitely felt like that extra information my stylist had helped my box be more my style. I only ended up keeping one thing because I had already maxed out my clothing budget (oops.) If you want to try Stitch Fix risk free, use my referral link to have your styling fee waived! 


i don't know about you, but i feel like i have heard about services like stitch fix for a while, but have always dismissed them for some reason. i think the idea sounded expensive, so i never attempted to check this out. i decided to take the plunge in august, and was thrilled with the results! i kept every single piece from the box, and they have become staples in my closet.

i wanted to share my review and experience with stitch fix as a whole, then show you what was in my last box! the way stitch fix works is through a phone app you can get in the app store. you set up an account, and fill out your style profile. i really liked the questions they asked, because it helped me evaluate what my preferred style is. they ask you things like if you like to show off certain parts of your body, if you like fitted or loose clothing, and then have you rate outfits in order to get a sense of your style. then you can link your social media and pinterest boards into your account so your stylist can get a peek into your ideas! you can also write a note to your stylist if there's anything specific you want in your fix. for example, i wrote i wanted longer tops for work and at least one dress in my last fix.

as far as the money goes, you fill out what you would like your budget to be for the pieces in your box. you can choose what types of clothes or accessories you want to spend more or less on. you pay a $20 styling fee up front which is applied to your order, so if you decide to keep nothing from the box, you're out $20. but if you like anything from the box, the $20 is already credited towards your total. another incentive to keep the clothes is that stitch fix gives you 25% off your whole order if you keep all five pieces! in my last box, i wasn't crazy about one of the tops, but it actually ended up being cheaper to keep all of the clothes than to return the top. bonus: the top has grown on me, and i have found some cute outfits to wear it with!

overall, i have had a great experience with stitch fix, and i've narrowed it down into a few pros and cons. i'll start with the positives:

  • being adventurous! i have gotten clothes in my box i wouldn't have touched in a store, and found new styles that are super flattering

  • in style clothes: as someone who is trying to branch out into being more fashionable, i like getting pieces that are "trendy"

  • simple to use: their app is very user friendly, and makes ordering your next shipment super easy (too easy if you ask me!)

  • price ranges: when you set up your account, you can specify what types of items you are willing to splurge on, and what you would like "as cheap as possible"

there are a few things that are negatives to stitch fix in my opinion, just so you know up front!

  • the shipment date is confusing on the app: i chose a date for my fix to arrive in order to have my stylist pick a dress for an upcoming wedding. unfortunately, the fix didn't ship until that date and we had already left when the box arrived :(

  • it can be a lot to spend all at once: while the clothes are very comparable to shopping at nordstrom or another boutique, for me spending $200-300 in clothes all at once is a pretty big commitment right now.

interested? if you use my referral link, stitch fix will waive the $20 styling fee! if you end up trying it out, send me what you got! if you don't want to keep anything, there's no risk!

okay now onto my most recent fix! i got some great feedback on my instagram stories last night (if you're not following me already, check out my connect page!) and am excited to share my choices with you!

piece #1: brown purse/clutch


this purse is really cute, and not bad for the price ….but… i already have a purse very similar to this, and the main purse i carry is brown.

verdict: not keeping

piece #2: semi formal dress


the main purpose of this dress was for the wedding i went to in texas this past weekend. i was bummed this box came after we left! i loved the style of this dress, and it honestly would have been great for the wedding! the price is more than i want to spend on a dress right now, but i found a similar dress for a lot cheaper that i might try!

verdict: not keeping

piece #3: cold shoulder dress


when i put this on i immediately fell in love with it! my first fix convinced me to try cold shoulder dresses, and i'm so glad because i love how they look.

verdict: keeping!!

piece #4: poncho


this poll cracked me up because i was totally torn with this top. i didn't like it initially, but the more i wore it i started to like it more. the breaking point for me was the price, and i decided against it for now. but i definitely will be looking for cheaper, similar styles!

verdict: not keeping

piece #5: knit top


this top is totally my style, so much so that i already have a very similar top in three different colors. i also have started buying these shirts at target that are much cheaper and the same length as this. 

verdict: not keeping

that's all i've got for yall! hope you have as much fun as i have with this service!


love, laura