new year, new word

This past Sunday at church, the pastor who was speaking interviewed an older member of the church, and asked her what her New Year traditions were. She shared that she spends time alone with God and asks for a word for her to focus on for the year, and keeps that word in the forefront of her mind for the next 12 months. I love this idea of choosing something to focus on for the year, and felt very convicted over the last month to focus on the word: consistency.

I’m notorious for starting projects and not finishing them, which you can ask my husband, is not super wonderful around the house. I have also done that with this blog on more than one occasion this year. However, what I found was becoming more apparent and more dangerous this year, is that I have not been consistent with people. I have found myself making more and more excuses for not following through with people, and just not being there for them like I’ve said I’m going to be. Part of this has been evaluating why I’m not following through on a relationship- is it me not being consistent, or is it time for me to let the relationship go? I’ve had some of both, but following that process has allowed me to determine which relationships I need to prioritize, and which ones may not be healthy or worth my effort. 

I also have not been consistent on making healthy choices for myself- both physically and emotionally. I say I’m going to work out and eat healthier, but because I haven’t been viewing it as something that is beneficial for me, but instead an obligation- I fail quickly. My hope for this year is to change my mindset towards healthy food and working out as something I do because I respect my body instead of something to constantly feel guilty about. One of my Instagram friends, Kylen, posted something she is doing this year, and I think it’s something I’m going to get on board with! She is running at least 1 mile a day for 100 days (#100daysofrunning). No excuses, no crazy mileage if I don’t feel like it, but consistency to follow through on something I say I’m going to do. Emotionally, I have been lacking in my choice to dig into God’s word daily. My church launched a new Bible reading plan where you read 5 chapters per day, each chapter from a different book, and I’m excited to dive in.

So that’s it. I’m trying to keep it simple this year. Consistency in relationships and health are my main priorities, with consistency in other areas hopefully following behind. 

can’t wait to walk through this year with yall!


love, laura