dinner with line and lure & thunder island brewing

a few weeks ago, spencer and i were invited to a collaboration dinner at ilani casino resort in ridgefield, wa. line and lure kitchen and taproom teamed up with thunder island brewing company to put on an amazing four course seafood meal, and each course was paired with a beer from thunder island. spencer and i have heard of ilani before, but had never been up to check it out, so we were excited to get to be a part of this special event.

one misconception i had about ilani is that it was super far from portland, but it only took about forty minutes from our house in happy valley to get up to ridgefield. i commented to spencer that if we were trying to get downtown on a weekend to go out to eat, it would take at least that long if not longer once you factor in parking and traffic. the resort is beautiful, and has an amazing view of mt. st. helens that you can see from line and lure’s patio. they have an adorable little fire pit that would be a perfect place to have a drink during happy hour with friends.

the actual meal was seriously incredible. i’ve been branching out more with seafood since moving back to oregon, and this dinner definitely got me pointed in the right direction! as amazing as everything sounds on this menu, pictures can’t do it justice. one thing that i thought was really cool, was that the chef at line and lure, ryan ziegler, made a point to incorporate the beer from thunder island into the dishes which added a unique touch to the evening. before each course, chef ryan and the general manager from thunder island, jeremy, described how the food was prepared, as well as some background on each beer we were sampling. my personal favorite course was the king crab ceviche, followed closely by the imperial porter bread pudding.

overall, spencer and i had a great night at line and lure, and plan on returning to check out the rest of the resort. we went up to line and lure on a thursday night, but i personally want to go back on the weekend to check out their brunch buffet, or grab happy hour when they have live music. thanks again to chef ryan ziegler and the team at line and lure for having us, and we can’t wait to come back to ilani soon! we also enjoyed meeting jeremy from thunder island brewing, and are looking forward to getting out to their taproom in cascade locks this summer.

if you’re in portland, and want to hit up line and lure or thunder island for happy hour, let me know! i’m always up for meeting new friends and trying out local places!


love, laura