blueberry picking and cobbler recipe

after strawberry picking a few weeks ago, i could not wait for blueberry season to start. as much as i love strawberries, blueberries are my favorite fruit and they’re way easier to pick than strawberries. on saturday, my friend kaeleigh and i went to moonridge farms in beavercreek, oregon and picked over ten pounds of blueberries between us. the farm was beautiful, and very well maintained. they also use natural growing practices, which means they use minimal pesticides on their berries. if you’re in the portland area, i highly recommend moonridge and will put a link to their website here.

when we got home, i remembered my mom making an amazing blueberry cobbler the past couple of summers after we got home from picking, and she was kind enough to send me the recipe. she got it from a neighbor, so i’m not 100% sure what the original source was- but trust me, it’s good! so good that i didn’t get a picture of it before we started digging in. this cobbler is super easy to make, and delicious! the recipe is below, enjoy!

bb rec.png


love, laura